About Me

Hi and welcome, I’m glad you are here, this space is devoted to sharing business and marketing strategies with simple step-by-step guides. Simply sharing the techniques learnt through business, blogging and social media marketing to help women grow and develop their blogs and businesses.

I would like to help you achieve your personal, blogging and business goals. Our blogs are businesses and I know you can overcome the struggles and achieve your goals. (share a short paragraph about what you’d like your audience
I am really good at breaking down tasks and sharing how to do things in a step-by-step process.
I love processes and know the importance of time management to achieve daily results.
The topics I help with include, mindset, mindfulness, work-life balance, time management, decision-making, goal setting and breaking down goals into easier steps.
Starting an online business is hard enough, muggling through what you need to do to move forward can be a struggle. I help with brainstorming ideas so that you do not stay stuck in that one place. Having used many marketing techniques over the past 17 years I know that as systems change so do you and I need to change our approaches. I am always learning and what I do know I am prepared to learn as each lesson brings me closer to my personal goal.
I really enjoy researching and writing content and although some people feel AI will take over, I believe that AI cannot produce the personal approach needed with content writing. If you need help with blog topic ideas and content writing let me know.

Examples of content:
Website: Lifestyleanytime.com.au
Blog Post: The Amazing Blue Ocean Strategy
Articles and Marketing strategies on: asmtechbase.com

“In only 1 week my blog post was on the first page of Google, love the guidance I get as this helps with a weekly plan of action”. Carsten

A little more about me.

  1. I was born in Jersey, Channel Islands
  2. I love walking on the beach and by the lake
  3. Please don’t talk to me before I have completed my morning routine including journaling and my morning cup of coffee
  4. I love the simple things in life like relaxing, reading a good book and home cooking.
  5. So often I lack self believe but I hide it well
  6. When I get stressed I practice mindfulness
  7. My love language is words (maybe that’s why I love blogging)
  8. I have owned a franchise and helped my husband with a few businesses
  9. My Australian family is small, I love that we all support each other.
  10. I work full time while blogging and love seeing my clients achieve their goals. Yes, I’m a people pleaser with strategies in place to reduce burnout.

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