7 Ways to choose your business name.

Choosing a business name is the first vital step when commencing a business or even starting a blog.  if you have a franchise then you are required to keep the franchise name but if you build your own business or take over a business you have options.  Choosing your business name can be a tough decision.

choosing a business name

I’ve had a franchise in the past and the decision was made for me as with a franchise you are required to keep the franchise name.

Even as a blogger you first choose your business name. Ok maybe first your blogging niche followed by your business name. 

Why have I chosen ‘Lifestyle Anytime’ as my blog name? 

The reason I’ve chosen ‘Lifestyle Anytime’ is it represents the way I live my life.  My life is not in balance, that is still something I strive for but I do choose how I live my life.

 When I wrote this post I was working part-time as a disability community support while studying part-time for a bachelor’s degree in Social Science. I am grateful for the choices I get to make daily which empower myself and others. When I choose the blog name ‘Lifestyle Anytime’, I was grateful to be working part-time. The goal back then when I started blogging was to work part-time while focusing on health, study, family and building a business. Building a business to provide me and my family with a chosen lifestyle at any time. Hence my business name ‘Lifestyle Anytime’. The blog Lifestyleanytime shares articles on setting goals and mastering habits for a more balanced life.

If you are looking at starting a blog, before you choose your blog/business name choose your blog niche.

But how do you choose a business name?

There are a variety of ways to choose a business name. Maybe, you have given it some thought as to what you would you like it to be. Choosing a business name or blog name despite the multiple ways to choose a business name does take some time. Here are some suggestions people think of when coming up with a name;

  • A family name – Carsten’s original business used our family name Emde. The business was called ‘Emde Images’.
  • A fun name – An example of a fun name is iWhoops.

iWhoops is a previous business, Carsten, my husband built up for when times were slow in the modelling/drafting world. This name was chosen for an iPhone repair business. The i represented iPhone and whoops represented the dropping of the phone.

  • A related name – meaning a name connected to the image you wish to project.  This could be a name in another language. The example here is ‘Cafe Del Mer’ which means ‘Sea Cafe’ or pizza hut.
  • A name by desire – An example here would be lean cuisine or fitness anytime, even my name business name Lifestyle Anytime. All the names project the desired outcome.
  • Own a Word – preferable choose a name linked to your product or service. Examples of own a word business names are; Apple, Sharp
  • Word Invention – Invent a word for your business. Well-known brands with invented words are; Facebook, YouTube
  • A name of a location – A location can be a place on the map, a village, town, city, river or mountain, to name a few. Amazon is an example of a name by location, Amazon is a river.
how to choose your business name 7 ways.

Questions to ask as you choose a business name.

  1. Does the name represent what you do?
  2. Does the name enable you to develop your business in line with your vision?
  3. This name, does it appeal to you and the kind of customers you are aiming to attract?
  4. Does your name conjure emotional feelings?

Are you still thinking about what name shall I call my business? Business name generators may help.

Brainstorm some ideas and write them down.  Also, think of some keywords that relate to the business you are starting and enter them into business names generators like;



The name search domains will give you some ideas in many categories. Discuss your suggestions with family and friends or test the name out on website landing pages.
Also, remember to check if your name is available as a domain name and available on social media platforms. Social media and search engines including Pinterest all have a part to play in building your business.

Tip: Don’t get hung up on the name. As much as a business name is important it is possible to rename and rebrand later if need be.

Did you choose your business or blog name using one of these methods?
– Family name
– Fun Name
– A related name
– Desired name
– A word
– An invented word
– A location

Share in comments how you choose your business or blog name. 
If you are not a blogger and want to get started I recommend this blogging course- start a mom blog as it is a step-by-step course designed for beginners. 

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